What women are saying about Ovarian Temple

At my first experience of the Ovarian Temple there was an immediate recognition that this was going to fill a gap which had previously been unacknowledged. It is delivered by Elizabeth with such grace and compassion, one recognises the wisdom and healing power of the journey embarked upon instantly.

The process was profoundly nurturing, softening and relaxing, releasing a deep tension within of which I was unaware. The experience left me feeling extremely light and peaceful, with a beautiful warmth flooding my whole pelvic region. Whilst feeling deeply grounded, there was a dash of cheekiness on the side, reminding me of a libido that I had forgotten all about!

Thank you Elizabeth, the Ovarian Temple is going to be a magnificent blessing to women with greatly varying histories, all over the world!

Love and Light
— Jean aged 64
I have participated in several ‘women’s sexuality’ workshops over the years and have never been terribly impressed; however, I found ‘Ovarian Temple’ to be a subtle, intelligent and rewarding experience. Using a refreshing mixture of breathing, movement, visualisation and affirmation, Elizabeth guided a large group of women - each of us lying down snug and private in a nest of blankets - through the collectively imagined landscape of our reproductive organs.
Ovarian Temple allowed us the mental and emotional space through meditation to connect in presence and mindfulness to my female organs, to explore and get to know and understand myself better as a woman in my physicality, creativity and sensual sexuality. I never felt judged but found a level of safety and nurturing that offered me a new level of self awareness and a permission to embrace the fullness of my being to connect to my needs, and make the necessary changes to improve my life.

Elizabeth’s language never bombard me with vulgar exhortations of sexual grandiosity and was never aggressive; rather, she gave me an amazing tool kit and a skill set which I’ll use again and again. Her language was never threatening, hyperbolic or crude but always positive and gentle.

She gave us permission to feel, observe and remember but made no claims to heal, cure or perform any magic.
That, she reminded us, was, if not our own job, then the job of the appropriate health professional.

I can’t recommend Ovarian Temple highly enough.
— Emily aged 28
Ovarian temple is a deeply profound journey to the core of female creativity. I recommend the experience to all women who want to explore their inner universe.
— Padma
"Ovarian Temple: Release was a truly amazing experience. The energy of so many women in the room silently and privately being guided along that beautifully imagined forest path by Elizabeth was remarkable. Elizabeth’s language and voice were so gentle and reassuring that I was able to look clearly and with much less fear and sadness at the miscarriage I experienced some years ago. She says she’s not a therapist and that Ovarian Temple is not a therapy, but I really recommend this as a healing tool. I felt so private and safe and it felt general to any kind of suffering I know women can have. Importantly, I didn’t have to tell a soul about my journey. Thank you.'' 
– Angela aged 42.