Ovarian Temple: Potent

Ovarian Temple: Release

two guided meditations for
women of every age

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Ovarian Temple: Potent is a luscious meditation that sweetens, relaxes and inspires - a meditation for women of all ages who seek more creativity in their lives, including fertility. Remember, we are inherently creative - before, during and after the ovulating years. Keeping the Girl-Kit fresh and active is the goal! 

Ovarian Temple: Release is also luscious and also for women of every age, but, because we sometimes have ‘stuff’, this journey encourages us to clear a space for the creative spark to flourish unhindered.

Both are guided meditations that use breath, movement, and visualisation while you lie snug in your 'nest'. Any insight or release you may experience during the meditation is, and remains, private - it is your gold. Ovarian Temple is the connection point and not the zone to solve 'that' ... quite simply:
Ovarian Temple is a positive approach to our Sanctum. 
It is not 'therapy'.

Each session begins with a hot lavender foot bath and ends with chai and a sweet treat. It includes time for writing, reflection and conversation - if you wish; your privacy is always respected. Please read on for more details.  
Do you have a brilliant idea lurking just below your conscious mind? 
Do you have a project that needs a boost of clear confident action? 
Do you want to connect more deeply with your sexual being? 
Do you hope to conceive?
Ovarian Temple Potent is designed to help bring your
creative voice to the surface, cultivate your inner bliss,
promote fertility and connect to the fertile womb.

‘I LOVE Elizabeth’s work. After initial skepticism, I began to practise this every night and it's really pleasant to have a teacher at home. I can’t wait to do it in a group, but I will have to wait for you to come to Paris … Your voice is great: quiet, peaceful and soothing. The pace and the silences are delectable and I love that there is no distracting music. Best of all, I am now pregnant. Thank you again.'  Melanie 
This meditation is open to women of all age because we are creative beings throughout our whole life. We must honour and nurture this gift.
Ovarian Temple: Release is a beautifully supportive practice for women of every age who need to burn off (metaphorically) a bit of ‘stuff’. Coming from a place of loving kindness, the practice offers an important opportunity for women to plant seeds of creativity and self-esteem in the face of change and adversity. From the safety and silence of your private nest, you will be guided through a visualisation practice with breath and movement to support the possibility of allowing darkness to transform into light. 
Clear the channels of blocked creativity.

Let go of complications from pregnancy.

Release the physical and mental trauma of insult.

Let go of the fertile years and embrace the secret delights of menopause.

Release from miscarriage or termination.
Face illness and pain with clear-eyed courage. 
If it was or has to be, let go of Temple elements - the womb, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries. Then create a strong, positive psychic presence in their place.

‘Ovarian Temple: Release was a truly amazing experience. The energy of so many women in the room silently and privately being guided along that beautifully imagined forest path by Elizabeth was remarkable. Elizabeth’s language and voice were so gentle and reassuring that I was able to look clearly and with much less sadness at the miscarriage of my youth. She says she’s not a therapist and that Ovarian Temple is not a therapy, but I really recommend this as a healing tool. I felt so private and safe and it felt general to any kind of suffering I know women can have. I didn’t have to tell a soul about my journey. Elizabeth’s work is truly heartfelt and poetic: thank you’. Angela. 

Ovarian Temple is not a therapy session as such and I am not a therapist. Rather, this practice offers a unique engagement and positive connection with our most precious sanctum, the Ovarian Temple.

Ovarian Temple can be undertaken alone in a safe and private environment with downloadable audio created by Elizabeth, or presented live, by her, to a group. There is also a beautiful cd with a bonus track. Archaic, I know, but still beautiful ... 
The group environment unfailingly cultivates a warm and gentle atmosphere; for each woman it is an utterly private experience - during the meditation there is no interaction with the others in the group. If you wish to talk in the time after the meditation, there is space for that too.
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My mission is to offer Ovarian Temple as part of a woman’s skill set in the quest to keep the body light, the mind bright and the Temple strong, sweet and vital. Self nurture. Be Your Own Temple.

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Bell has taught body-breath-mind work in Melbourne, Australia for the last 20 years. From her life as a thinker and artist, OVARIAN TEMPLE has evolved quietly and intuitively over the last 35 years through her personal investigations, art practice, life experience, classes, workshops and at festivals and retreats. She also makes no claims to heal or cure or fabricate miracles. Ovarian Temple is not a therapy and Elizabeth is not a therapist. 

With OVARIAN TEMPLE, Elizabeth has created a relaxation meditation that offers you an opportunity to develop a friendly, functional and respectful relationship with your womb - your OVARIAN TEMPLE. 

It is about warming, sweetening and strengthening your sexuality, fertility and creativity. It is about liberating yourself from unhelpful ideas and taking charge of your relationships.

It is about encouraging you to take time to nurture yourself, refresh and reclaim yourself, unleash your creativity, imagine yourself as a temple and flourish…..

And Elizabeth’s mission? With gratitude and enthudiasm, to offer women this invaluable tool for the project of life: to create one’s own happy, actualised, creative, friendly and playful womb – and by extension, womanliness, who can build rich a life on the firm foundation of respect and loving kindness – for everyone and everything – and especially for one’s self.